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Love your language

Last week, social media and traditional media were abuzz over Flames player Dalitso Sailesi’s post-match interview. The majority of those who took to social media ridiculed the football star for responding to a question in the vernacular—Chichewa to be specific.
 A lot has been said about the whole scenario, but what caught my attention was how many Malawians felt “embarrassed” by Sailesi’s decision to speak Chichewa at an international stage. Sailesi should have never ever spoken Chichewa because that is very “embarrassing” and somewhat “primitive” and showed how intellectually-challenged the player is, so they say.
 This scenario made me realise that we still have many Malawians who are yet to embrace the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists in our country.  Many Malawians do not realise that people have a right to express themselves freely in any language. If one thinks they can express themselves better in Chiyao, so be it. No one should be gagged.
 It also showed me tha…