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Unruly drivers must face the law

Unruly drivers, many of whom manage to get a licence without appearing for a driving test, are a major menace on the roads. These drivers are reckless, change lanes to create traffic congestion on the road, over-speed and have no regard for other road users.

There are many such drivers, but, minibus drivers top the list of most unruly, annoying and a-pain-in-the-neck-drivers. These drivers break traffic laws with impunity and when caught, they cry foul.
These drivers pack people into their minibuses as if they are packing bags of Irish potatoes. When passengers try to protest, they have the audacity to tell them to go hire a car or to keep quiet.
Minibus drivers do their trade as though the law doesn’t apply to them. Thumbs up to the road traffic authorities for reminding them that there are traffic laws that must be respected and adhered to. It’s either they abide by the law or ship out.
The laws governing their business have been there for some time. For instance, minibus drivers a…