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White woman in black skin

The time was well past morning. It was cloudy and chilly but with no drizzles insight as is usually the case in winter. The dust was still billowing up—at least that is what Lilongwe is known for, dust.

But on this day, Salima beckoned me and at the mention of Salima my mind started wondering in all directions. I pictured the blue waters, the white sands and myself taking a skin-dip into the water.

I have never been to Salima save for the time I pass through the district when I am going to Mzuzu.
On this particular day, I was lucky in that I was in company of other journalists who are familiar with the place and gave me a briefing on what a Salima had in store especially if you are fun loving
With jokes here and there as Mlaka Maliro kept us entertained, the trip seemed shorter than I had expected. The trip to Salima was necessitated by Media Council of Malawi in conjunction with Unicef who were touring some sanitation facilities in the district.
We arrived after lunch-time and got dow…