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Many rivers to cross

The heavy rains that have been pouring for the past week have caused the two main rivers, Ruo and Thangadzi to burst and cause havoc to many people living in the area of T/A Mulolo in Nsanje District.
Nsanje District’s Assistant Disaster Risk Management Officer, Humphrey Magalasi said disaster management officers are failing to do the assessment of the damage caused by the floods because most roads have become impassable.
Nsanje District is one of the districts in Malawi that experience flooding almost every year. Efforts to move the people upland in the past have proved futile.
In the picture is T/A Mulolo's house. He said five of his 15 goats and six dogs have been swept by the raging waters.

Floods in Nsanje District

Floods in T/A Mulolo in Nsanje District have caused some schools to be temporarily closed as school blocks have been turned into temporal shelter for those affected by the floods. The picture shows some houses submerged in water from bursting Thangadzi River which feeds into Shire River is Malawi's longest and biggest river.